Basketball SA Nationals, Massage for recovery.

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Basketball Net. Photo by Chilli Head via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons.

Massage is used worldwide for recovery but is it actually helpful?

This week I was honoured to be able to massage some of the U16 boys participating in the Basketball National Championships.

The tournament was being played at Wayville and Pasadena Sports Centres in local Adelaide, with more than 280 of Australia’s junior basketball up and coming stars.

For me as both a remedial massage therapist and mobile masseur, helping support the growing talents of Australia’s young players is always rewarding.

The coach from one of the interstate teams contacted me to massage some of their team members immediately after one their games.

As a former competitive badminton player and personal trainer, I am impressed that today’s young elite athletes are using all the latest tools for improving their performances.

One such treatment being remedial and sports massage.  There are a number of studies that confirm how effective and valuable massage is for sport people.

A research from the Canadian McMaster University says that: “massage affected specific genes in the muscle cells of the treated leg. Gene activation from the rubbing decreased inflammatory cytokines caused by exercise, which was similar to how NSAIDs or ice baths work for decreasing pain.

But contrary to NSAIDs or ice baths, massage didn’t block muscle repair and growth. Massage not only reduced inflammation, it improved muscle recovery, leading to higher-than-normal fitness adaptation.” (

Congratulations to all the teams that participated and hope you all had a fantastic time playing here in our city of Adelaide.