Secret Tip No. 3 in choosing an awesome massage therapist.

phone, massage, choice, Have you wondered how in the heck will you choose a massage therapist?

What do I ask them?

How do I know if I’m picking the right therapist?

Can I shop only on price?

Well if you’ve been following my previous blogs you would’ve seen the first 2 important criteria to know about. Here is criteria number 3.

Do they have a provider number?

A provider number is given to the massage therapist when they have completed their full massage studies and have received a diploma. They have then gone on to register with a massage association. This association assures that the massage therapist has done all the necessary studies to be qualified for a provider number.

The benefit to the client is that they can claim a percentage of their treatment through their health fund provider which gets them a rebate (as long as their health fund covers massage therapy).

This is a bonus for the client but more importantly it displays to the prospective client that the massage therapist has completed all the required subjects to be at a competent level.

The other thing it shows the client, is that to keep that provider number, the therapist needs to maintain some ongoing studies each year which means that they keep up to date with any new techniques, legalities and areas of interest.

For me, I also have a background in Personal Fitness Training and have begun some nutritional studies which compliment massage quite nicely. In my clinic, I also do a mixture of stretching, rehab type exercises and can make suggestions to dietary foods and nutrition which will enhance and speed up the recovery process. I guess you could call it a holistic massage approach.