About us


Gian Franco understands the needs and benefits of massage.

He started off by acquiring his Personal Trainer certificate in the late 1990’s and then wanted more. He wanted to help people who like himself had old injuries and aches that were affecting his day to day life. He found massage to be extremely beneficial, so then he completed study and training and finished his Diploma in Remedial Massage from the South Australian College of Natural Therapies.

Mentored and trained by one of Australia’s leading Remedial Massage Therapists, John Stamoulos, Gian Franco is at the forefront of the massage industry and is passionate about health, wellbeing and leading a well balance life.

Gian’s Experience

Gian Franco has an extensive knowledge and network of medical professions throughout South Australia; these have further been enhanced through his employment at Sportsmed SA as a Remedial Massage Therapist.

The clients are of all ages and denominations. Some of his past and present clients include SASI, AIS, Olympic Athletes, International Actors/Actresses, dancers, cyclists, runners, netballers, local sporting clubs, clients recovering from surgery and major injuries. Our clients range from professional sports managers and coaches, volunteer sports managers and coaches, athletes, sports enthusiasts and people that are concerned about their general health and wellbeing.

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